Clan Profile:

  • - Chosen Clan is a skilling clan that serves mature players over 21 years old, who are interested in skilling, citadel-building, questing, chatting and events. Chosen Clan is not, nor will it ever be a player killing clan.

  • Applying to join Chosen Clan:

      - In order to apply to join chosen clan, we require you to guest in the Chosen Clan chat for a couple of days, to make sure you enjoy and understand what the clan is about.

      -Once you are happy, that you want to join chosen clan, just sign up for an account on the website, and submit an application form. once the application form is submitted, the council will review the form, and invite you to the clan if you application is approved

      Goal of the Clan:

      • - To have great fun with friends.
      • - To help and encourage each other.
      • - To contribute to the success of Chosen Clan.

      Rules of Respect:

      • - Respect your fellow player as you would like to be respected.
      • - Do not break Jagex rules and don't encourage anyone to do so.
      • - Do not encourage or engage in harassment, bullying, racism, rudeness, repeated begging, or discrimination (including body size, ethnicity, religion, national origin, gender).

      Member Activity:

      • - Chosen Clan was, is and will be an active group. You must do your part too and be in involved with the clan for a reasonable amount of your game time.

      • -If you are absent from clan chat, events and/or the clan site for a long time, there will be a review to see if you should still remain a clan member.

      • - Please visit the citadel at least once a week. Failure to do so may result in demotion or removal from the clan. Weekly activity at the citadel ensures that you remain a member in good standing. It is preferable that you also do your part gathering citadel resources by maxing your collection of needed resources.

Clan Structure:

  • - Chosen Clan is governed by the Clan Owner, the Council, and by the General Members.
  • - Everyone in the clan must abide by the Rules of Respect.

Clan Chat:

    - Chosen Clan is an adult clan and so mature and adult level discussion is expected and encouraged.

    - The following topics are not allowed in clan chat:

    - Politics
    - Religion
    - Sex
    - Player Killing
    - Any topic that breaks the Rules of Respect
    - It is expected that you would respect the use of clan chat. Do not monopolize the clan chat. Let other people have a chance to express themselves as well.

Clan Homeworld:

    - Chosen Clan's homeworld is 87. You are expected to be there for clan events and meetings. Otherwise, feel free to play in any world of your choosing.

    Clan Loyalty (Multi-clanning):

      - We expect members to put Chosen Clan above all others.
      - You cannot be a ranked member of another clan's Clan Chat.
      - It is permissible to join the Friend's Chat of other clans.
      - It is expected that your main and any alternate characters will all be members of Chosen Clan. Any alts will hold the same rank as your main. You are to log into clan chat with only one of your characters at a time. Only your main will be registered on the clan site.

      - Chosen Clan is an adult clan and so mature and adult level discussion is expected and encouraged.

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