Welcome To Chosen Clan

~~ Many May Try, But Few Are Chosen Clan! ~~


Who We Are!

We make no apologies for being, Chosen Clan. We are a friendly Runescape members only clan, Chosen Clan was created to provide a mature drama free place, for adult players to skill chill and kill, on Runescape.


Chosen Clan has over 150 members, a very chilled atmosphere a rather nice Tier 7 Citadel


Our clan is made with veterans, service members, retirees, great-grandparents, grandparents, marrieds, single parents, professionals, college and career folks, we have Members from all different professions that span across the globe.

If you often hear your favourite song on in the elevator, if you remember having wires connected to your phone, or if you have ever had to stop using the internet because someone needed to make a phone call, then maybe the Chosen Clan Family is for you

We say, family because we never intend to grow past the point where we lose the closeness of kin.  

What do we do?: 

-Gather, play and work at our citadel 
-Hang out Eachother will skilling, Questing and Killing 
-Enjoy a good chat with eachother
-Tell bad jokes(sometimes really really bad jokes)
-But mainly we enjoy each others company

Our clan chat is always open to anyone who is interested in checking us out. Just come on in and we’ll pour you a fresh coffee… or tea if you prefer (“Earl Grey.. hot”!)

So we ask you!

-Why play Runescape in quiet solitude and obscurity like so many other adults? 
-Why not check us out in came by Joining Chosen Clan CC
-Why not come and join your spirit with ours and be part of OUR family


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